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A Grand Spring Finale – Young Adult Retreat!

Read a quick recap of our Spring 2019 Young Adult Retreat!

The weekend of May 16-19 was an incredible kick-off event for our upcoming summer season, and an even better finale for our spring events! Young Adults, ages 18-35, headed to Camp Lebanon for some quality time in nature (rain or no rain, weather is just an attitude at Camp). From students to young professionals, guests of our Young Adult Retreat were invited to unplug from technology and plug-in to time with Jesus and one another.

Our Spring YAR event operates under a “go big or go home” mentality – epic events, epic fun. But what really matters in all of the crazy fun activities are the connections forged with peers and the love of God reflected in His beautiful Creation and the truth of His Word. Young Adults had a myriad of opportunities to engage in the “play” of YAR, with Glow Golf (Glolf) on Bonus Day, Lumberjack Games (axe throwing, cross-cut saw competition, etc) and a Wiffleball Homerun Derby on Friday, and Live Action Mario-Kart, Color Night, and The Camp Bell Games on Saturday!

Our speaker for the weekend was Brian Silver, a Pastor at Hope Community Church in Minneapolis. He brought the Word with intensity, using lots of Scripture to tell the gospel story and teach young adults to apply it. His message was encouraging and convicting, calling everyone to always go back to the Good News of Christ. The teaching during the weekend included the Mentor Panels (split guys and girls), and several seminar teachers on a variety of topics, from pursuing your God-given dreams to understanding different world religions and how to apply that knowledge in outreach to those who do not know Christ.

Young Adult Retreat never fails to be an encouraging time – a chance to invest in the generation that is going forward to shape our world. In midst of a hectic and busy life full of inexpressible pressures, YAR acts as a safe haven and “a meeting place with God,” drawing young people closer to their Savior. The prayer for these retreats is to provide a chance for young adults to truly rest and reflect on their lives, connect with other believers, and have some of the funnest fun around.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this spring’s Young Adult Retreat! We can’t wait for winter – save the date for Young Adult Retreat: Winter, December 13-15, 2019!

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