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Senior High – Day 3

Last night in Chapel, Drew pointed us toward our Mighty Savior through the stars.  We saw how Abram’s desire for a family was met after God directed him to behold the stars of the sky.  God promised a family more numerous than the lights in the sky.

Just as Drew gained a family through a covenant relationship, so God’s family is formed through a covenant.  God’s faithfulness to his covenant is wonderful news.  He upholds it even when we are unable to.

As they look at the stars, Drew encourage campers to remember God has resurrected us and made us a real Family!

After waking up, campers had another opportunity to take a Polar Dip.  At the second bell, everyone met at The Steps of Faith for morning announcements and found out what was for breakfast.  

After the morning meal, campers spread out around camp during TAG time (Time Alone with God) as they dug into the Bible.


Campers often find TAG time to be a special opportunity to connect with God while at Camp.  It is a great practice to bring home!  Encourage your camper to have TAG time at home!

After morning Chapel, it was time for the Volleyball Tournament!  A highlight for the campers, cabins use face paint and dress in team colors as they compete for the prized place as the Senior High volleyball champions!

Held at the North 40, everyone walked over the hill to compete and cheer on their friends!  In between games, campers could enjoy the slip ‘n’ slide that sent riders flying down the hill and onto the field.

One of the highlights of the Volleyball tournament was the sportsmanship that was displayed.  As different cabins would play on one of the four courts, their brother or sister cabin from their team was often found cheering for them on the sidelines.  The sense of comradery helped foster team spirit.


Ask your camper to share some of their favorite moments from the Volleyball Tournament!

It was a special evening as everyone headed to the waterfront as we celebrated the baptism of several campers.  Eight campers were baptized including two sets of siblings.

Our hearts were encouraged as we heard how God has been at work in their lives.  What a joy it is to share the hope that we have in Christ!

Campers met for Chapel this evening as Drew opened the Word and we dug into more of God’s Truth.  More to come on that tomorrow!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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