Happy New Y(e)AR!

Young adults gathered at Camp to welcome in the New Y(e)AR of 2022.

What a sweet way to ring in the New Year with our 2021/22 Winter Young Adult Retreat! With a total of about 60, a third of our group was completely new to camp! We went sledding, played games and trivia, and played broomball – or should I say brrrrrroomball. Despite the -27° weather, we still had fun! Our theme was “Comfort & Joy”, very fitting for the holiday season. Phil Campbell spoke on what the Tidings of Comfort & Joy of God looks like, on the hard days and in fearful seasons. After a New YAR Party, we had fun in “The Living Room.”

If this retreat says anything about how 2022 will go, God will continue to do His work through Camp Lebanon and those who come!

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