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Summer Staff Training

We have officially completed staff training! We are so excited to meet all the campers this summer and pour into their hearts as they learn and grow in their relationship with our Risen Lord. As training comes to a close, here are some of favorite memories of the three ways we are preparing our team for this summer. 


The first way we have prepared is by learning. We have daily sessions where we learned about Camp Lebanon and the policies and procedures. From the history and mission of camp, to discovering our personalities and how we best work together as a team, to being certified in CPR, we are being well equipped to share the love of Jesus this summer. 



Second, we are serving! We completed projects to get camp ready for the Super Kids that will be coming in only two days! We cleaned up the wiffleball stadium by sanding and staining the walls and filling in new gravel, we hung up the lights in the tent to get ready for amazing chapels, and we filled in our beach with new sand. Camp is ready for the funnest fun to begin!


The third thing we did was build community. As we learned how to connect with the campers in our sessions, we also learned how to better connect to each other. Through sharing our testimonies of God’s grace, going to host homes that so generously invited us in, and participating in goofy games together, we have formed a close bond as a team. Being connected to each other and to the Lord allows us to minister to campers in the most effective way possible!

This year, we also had the privilege of performing our staff variety show for the Summer Sew guests. We had everything from ballon symphonies to space duels! This show is created for Super Kids and Adventures, but the quilters loved it! We were so blessed to be able to perform for them and provide lots of laughter.

The time until campers arrive gets closer every moment! We are so excited as a staff to pour into these kids over the summer, and we hope that you will follow along with our journey. Here are a few things you can do this summer to stay connected!

1. Follow us on social media

2. Look for blog posts

3. Check out the summer SmugMug galleries

We can’t wait to share the stories of joy and transformation that come through camp this summer! 


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