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Camp Story | Scott & Nicky Osterhus

Camp Lebanon was a place of deep fellowship and real relationships. It truly was a meeting place with God.

Scott Osterhus and Nicky Hebert met at Camp Lebanon in 1995.  Nicky, 19, was from Forest Lake, MN and Scott, 24, lived in Robbinsdale, MN. That year Scott was on summer program staff/waterfront and Nicky was a counselor. Nicky remembers seeing Scott around camp, usually in some kind of wig, pulling off a wild stunt. She was constantly laughing at him as he played an amazing variety of characters using a limited costume bin.  But they actually first interacted while walking with others to the campfire and Scott patiently showed them how to find the Little Dipper. Although 1995 ended up being the only summer they spent together at Lebanon, Scott and Nicky reconnected in 2016, began dating and were married in 2018. With children Isaac (17) and Sylvie (15), they currently live in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Scott & Nicky Osterhus
How has Camp impacted your lives?

“Camp Lebanon was absolutely life changing. The big thing was how much focus Camp Lebanon put on prayer, right away when we arrived. Together we committed our lives, the program, the buildings and one another to the Lord.  It was a model of communing with God. It was the beginning of my understanding of ministry as not what we do, but what the Lord does, using his people. It’s entirely about Him. We surrender and ask Him to do the work.” Nicky says she went on to work at six other camps, but always traveled back to Lebanon in her heart and mind. Staff devotions and prayer were vital to her. “They did an incredible job of pouring into their counselors, preventing the burnout that is so prevalent amongst camp staff.“

Why is Camp a special place for you?

“Camp Lebanon was a place of deep fellowship and real relationships.  It truly was a meeting place with God.“

Scott & Nicky at Camp
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