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23 Reasons to Attend YAR 2023

Young Adult Retreat SPRING
May (18) 19-21, 2023

We have an exciting Young Adult Retreat planned this spring! This year we are stealing all the best parts of youth camp and making them relevant for adults. We’re calling it “Grown Up Kids Camp,” and it’s gonna be epic!
If you haven’t registered yet, here are 23 reasons why you should come to the 2023 YAR Spring retreat!
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1) Fun Classic Camp Stuff (Frisbee golf, four square, carpetball, hiking/trails, boating, campfires, etc…)
2) Enjoy God’s creation. Take a walk! Find a quiet spot and just enjoy time with God in the midst of His beautiful world.
3) Amazing meals. The food at Camp Lebanon is no joke. What’s even better is you don’t have to cook or do the dishes.
4) Polar Dip. This is your chance to make a memory and jump in the lake first thing in the morning! Plus, you’ll win a prize valued somewhere between $0 and $1 million dollars.
5) Chapels with Steve Treichler. Trike is back again this year and ready to share from the Word of God! We’ll be diving into the topic of “Remodeling Your Faith” as we revisit and build on the core truths of our Christian faith.
6) Worship together! We’ll have a bunch of chances to sing songs of worship together, both early in the morning and throughout the day.
7) Game Night! Our goal is to set a new Camp record for the most board games played at one time.
8) S’mores & Ice Cream Sundaes. Yep.
9) Volleyball Tournament. Bring on the face paint, crank up the music, and let the fun times roll.
10) Skills. Learn a new outdoor skill! We’re still determining which ones we’ll teach, but it’ll be something like canoeing, archery, etc…
11) Seminars. Dive deeper in one of our seminar sessions.
12) Connect with Friends. Grow deeper in relationship with your current friends and meet some new friends along the way!
13) Zipline. Zip down the line.
14) Laser Tag. Shoot each other with harmless lasers. Super fun!
15) Craft time. We’re planning to make next level friendship bracelets. What would you call those? Dating bracelets? Best Friendship Bracelets?
16) Nap time. You’re welcome.
17) Luau Theme Dinner. Dress for the occasion and get ready for a fun tropical party!
18) Boat Races. “Are you kayaking me right now?”
19) Bonfire Night. Under the stars. The best!
20) Deep Theology Talks. Bring your questions! Anything goes.
21) Grow in your faith. There’s nothing more important than this. Get away from the busyness of life and spend some time with God and fellow believers.
22) MemYARy verses and whipped cream pies. This is your chance to throw a pie in the face of your friend!
23) Everything is optional! You’re an adult. You know why you need this weekend. Don’t let the schedule determine what the Lord wants you to do this weekend.
We hope you’ll join this year! This list doesn’t even include all the fun things happening during the Bonus Day (Mentor Panel, “Adulting Seminar,” Mandatory Fun Night, and more)!
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