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“Cross My Heart” – Mother Daughter (& Grandma) 2023

We had TWO weekends in a row of the absolute Funnest Fun with some incredible moms, daughters, and grandmas!  What a blessing to gather at the beginning of spring, when the leaves and flowers are budding, the earth is waking up, and we can witness God making all things new!  

Moms, daughters and grandmas got to experience the best of spring weather at Camp, including a few rainy days that called for cute and colorful umbrellas, rain jackets, and cozy indoor fun like crafts and games in the Chalet chapel!  Because of rain both weekends, moms, daughters, and grandmas got to experience having a “campfire” indoors!  Including some really fun guests who made the Lion Hunt extra special! 

Some highlights from the two weekends were activities like zipline and laser tag, a Medallion Hunt, a Photo Scavenger Hunt, some exciting relay games with Bobber Bill, and the BIG GAME, an Envelope Scavenger Hunt, on Friday nights!  We had a super fun craft time on Saturdays, where moms, daughters, and grandmas could create a slat board project, enjoy Diamond Painting, and make a “Promise Tin” to gather up the promises of God shared in Chapel or that they find on their own as they read the Bible.

The theme for the two weekends was “Cross My Heart,” focusing on Romans 8:28, which says: “And we know that in all things God works together for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. “ Our speaker, Maryn Post, taught us to draw near to the One who keeps ALL His promises!

On Saturday morning, Maryn talked about what it means to be trustworthy, and shared 4 reasons why God is trustworthy: 1) God is Truth (John 14:6), 2) His WORD is Truth, 3) God NEVER lies (Heb 6:18, Num 23:19, Titus 1:2, & 2 Tim 2:13), & 4) God has a PERFECT track record (Josh 21:45).  Maryn gave many examples of promises fulfilled throughout the history of the Bible – the Flood, Isaac’s birth, God leading the people out of slavery in Egypt, the Promised Land, promises fulfilled to the Hebrew people in captivity and exile, and 351 promises about Jesus that all were fulfilled!

On Saturday evening, Maryn talked about a 3-legged stool and whether or not it can be trusted to hold you up.  In the illustration,  we needed the fourth leg for the stool to hold up!  In the end, we are all 3-legged stools (Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.”). God is Holy, which means He is perfect, righteous, and blameless, and he can’t welcome any 3-legged stools at His table (Romans 6:23).  BUT!!  God PROMISED to save us (Gen 3:15 is the first promise in Scripture).  God KEPT HIS PROMISE by sending His Son, Jesus, to save us (John 3:16 & Romans 5:8).  We have a choice!  God has already said “YES” to us … the big question and choice is: Will we say “YES” to Him?

Finally, on Sunday morning, Maryn shared the illustration of a rollercoaster and how sometimes life can have lots of “ups and downs.”  She shared ways that we can deal with those ups and downs.  We can take our feelings and emotions to Jesus (Psalm 42: 3).    We can let TRUTH drive our train (the Locomotive/Engine is TRUTH, the rail car is FAITH, followed by the caboose of EMOTIONS/FEELINGS – Psalm 42:5-6a & 2 Peter 3:9).  We can CHOOSE to remember God’s faithfulness (Psalm 42:6b & Psalm 78:12-16).  And we can tell others about His promises (Psalm 78:2-7 & Psalm 44)!

As a follow-up to these two weekends of Mother Daughter (& Grandma!), Maryn will be sharing one promise EVERY DAY for 51 days!  She started the process on May 13.  You can connect with her on Instagram and follow along!

Both weekends of Mother Daughter (& Grandma) Retreat were so much fun, and they went by so quickly!  We really enjoyed an  amazing weekend together and are looking forward to having everyone back for next year!


Enjoy photos from your retreat at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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