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Astonished & Amazed: An Update on Women’s Ministries at Camp!

Astonished, amazed, joyful, hopeful, encouraged. After finishing two beautiful weekends of Women’s Retreat, our hearts are full and there are so many stories we could tell of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  The theme for 2023 Women’s Retreats was “Astonished & Amazed: Sitting at the Feet of Jesus.”  Our Early Bird speaker, Jenni Thyng, shared about God’s redeeming moments in our lives through her Early Bird message and also during her workshop where she talked about “Desert Dwelling.”  And Lois Tverberg shared so many engaging insights on reading the Bible in its cultural context, and using that knowledge to deepen and strengthen our faith. 

Lynn Lindahl joined us from FamilyLife Blended to bring encouragement and insights on Being a Blessing, Giving a Blessing and Living the Blessing (Beatitudes).  FamilyLife Blended provides biblically-based resources that help prevent re-divorce, strengthen stepfamilies, and help break the generational cycle of divorce. The 400+ women who came to Women’s Retreat heard from these teachers, as well as our other generous workshop & activity leaders who had so much wisdom and creative talent to share!  

Speaking of creative talent, we are looking ahead to our Fall Quilt season, which begins in the last week of October and continues through early December!  With five sessions, almost all completely full, we can’t wait to see what these talented quilters, scrapbookers, & crafters accomplish while they are here.  Quilt Retreats are always a great time to get away, focus on projects, and connect with others who share similar interests!  We also love to use our theme each year to create moments of biblical teaching and connection through mealtime devotionals.  This year, our Fall Quilt theme is “Das is gut!” – that’s right, we will be taking a trip to Germany!  We are excited to explore German cuisine and culture, while finding encouragement in stories of conviction, courage, and sacrifice that inspire us to persevere and triumph over adversity and darkness.  “A mighty fortress is our God!”  

And, looking ahead to next year, our Women’s Retreat speaker for Fall 2024 is Erin Davis!  The theme will be announced soon! 

It’s a busy time for Women’s Ministry at Camp, but we couldn’t be more excited for what God has waiting for us in the next months.  We are relying on Him to guide and direct us as we follow Him and seek to help the Church do the work of Christ!

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