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Gym Update: Ready for Concrete & Volunteers

People get super excited to see the new gym on their walk across the Land Bridge. The 14,000 SF structure is massive. But it’s the inside look that really gets people talking. The large rec area (a regulation high school gym plus!) is breathtaking, and the spacious Commons shouts the incredible possibilities for fun and ministry. With the windows in, visitors get an inspiring glimpse from the inside out! The most common comment: “WOW!” Come and see it for yourself.

Great news! The septic dispute with the State that halted progress has been resolved and construction has resumed. Floors will be poured later in February and inside framing begins (Lord willing) in March. Camp is on a search for carpenters, masons, and handymen, if you want to volunteer. It’s going to be a busy spring as we race to ready the gym ready for Senior High in late July.

SAVE THE DATE:  Gym Grand Opening, Labor Day Monday 11 AM 


Campaign Update: "FILL IT" tops 80%!

With the $2.5M needed to “BUILD IT!” fully covered, the focus turned to raising the $500,000 needed to FILL the gym. What a fun list! Balls, nets, pickleball, hockey, climbing wall, AV/sound, stage, chairs, tables, fireplace, fire ring, kitchen, blacklights, and much more! The good news: Camp’s AMAZING friends have caught the vision. The $95,000 year-end challenge match was met with all December giving totaling $210,000!  Praise God and thank YOU! That leaves less than $100,000 to FILL the gym. Wow!

Can you help us get over the top? Simply visit Great friends make great things happen!


THE NEED: Carpenters, Masons, Handymen, and “Grunts”

Camp is organizing separate crews to help with the following projects:

  • Framing (interior walls) – FIRST PRIORITY (starts early March)
  • Siding (pre-finished lap siding) – SECOND PRIORITY (Spring)
  • Ceilings (tongue and groove)
  • Walls (finish treatments)
  • Concrete – Land Bridge, Patios (late Spring)

Camp is also looking for carpenters, plumbers, and helpers to complete renovations in the new Staff House.

CAN YOU HELP? We need an army!

Contact Scott Shoemaker, Director of Site & Facilities


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