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Staff Training Begins

In one week, we will welcome campers for Camp Lebanon’s first summer youth camp of 2024. Before the campers come, our Summer Staff is gathering for a week of training, fellowship, and fun! This past Thursday, Summer Staff arrived and began preparation for everything the Summer will bring.

As Staff arrived Thursday evening, we moved into cabins and set off our time together with sand volleyball. Soon, dinnertime came and we made our way to Pine Cove. Every summer, Staff is divided into four ‘staff families,’ each led by a member of the Summer Staff Leadership Team. Each family found a spot to eat dinner together and introduced themselves. Later this week, each family will come up with a name and skit to show campers.

The Staff made our way up to the Eagle’s Nest after dinner for the first session of Staff Training. After some introductions, we headed back to main site to finish the day off with a game of Camp-wide laser tag.

Friday was filled with training, paperwork, and lots of sunshine! After a day of hard work, Bill and Lisa Abeler, current Camp Director and his wife, invited the Staff to their home. The walk from Camp allowed for fresh air and a beautiful evening stroll. After arriving, we played card games inside and yard games outside.

Lisa surprised the staff with a crepe buffet! She handmade dough and served it with fresh fruit, homemade whipped cream, lemon custard, and many other toppings. After a few hours of talking and games, we entered a time of worship led by Olivia Lange, summer Worship Leader, and Abby Sickler, our Female Staff Supervisor. Bobber Bill closed the night with a lesson and then Staff made our way back to Camp with a walk under the stars.

Saturday morning, Staff met in the Dining Hall for a group devotion and then found a spot to do their TAG Time–an essential part of our day at Camp because it allows us to start each morning in God’s Word. Morning devotions fill us with the Holy Spirit and set our hearts towards Christ. After TAG Time, we raised the flag, learned our Summer Theme Verse: John 10:10-11, and met with our Staff Prayer Partners over breakfast. During the day, the counselors met and prepared cabin adventures and devotions, program staff planned out games, and everyone learned about rules and guidelines for the Summer. In the evening, our staff held annual Action Song Marathon–over two hours of non-stop singing and dancing! The day ended with some Free time, allowing Staff to check out the Waterfront, enjoy a jam session in the Eagle’s Nest, or have some time to themselves before bed.

John 10:10-11

“The bandit comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.”


Follow along with the Staff’s journey as we prepare for the summer. Check out the link below for the Staff Training photo album and make sure to check out Camp Lebanon’s social media for daily updates!

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