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Staff Training Comes to an End

Staff training was a success! For the last week and a half, Summer Staff trained for the Summer by learning their duties, diving deep into the Summer theme, and growing relationships with each other. Later today, we will will our first group of Summer 2024 campers!

Counselors worked on how to best lead and care for different age group, taking a dive into the characteristics of each. They also worked on preparing devotionals and cabin adventures for the Summer! All of our counselors are well equipped for the Summer and excited to meet their campers! Each program staff was trained into their position be alumni staff to get advice and guidance from someone with firsthand experience. We also learned how to run the zip line: harnessing, sending, and catching.

Staff learned how to run the zip line: harnessing, sending, and catching. Throughout the week we practiced flag raising and lowering, played some ‘Ampitheatrics,’ went swimming, planned mail call, prepared the Carnival, and all staff went through a course for CPR and First Aid certification. On Tuesday, we wrote the Variety Show, and got to perform for guests of Summer Sew. 

We are so excited to see everything this Summer will bring! Each and every staff member is an answer to prayer, called by God to serve alongside one another. Check out the link below for a video introducing all of our Summer Staff.


Enjoy photos from staff training at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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