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December 30, 2022 - January 1, 2023

Celebrate New YAR's in Camp Style!

Calling all young adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five! Are you looking for an epic, fun-filled weekend? This is for you. Looking for a chance to grow current relationships or start new ones? This is for you. Looking for a chance to get away, relax, and be still? This is for you.  Whether you are married or single, solo or with a group, college-aged or business professional, we’d love to have you come to Camp Lebanon and join us at the Young Adult Retreat (YAR)!  

Planned by Young Adults

Who’s ready for a wonderful winter weekend getaway?!  You’re invited to join us at Camp Lebanon for a young adult weekend designed to be a combination of community, growth, worship, and games.  It’s gonna be chill. It’s gonna be fun. And if you’ve graduated high school and are 35 years old or less than you should be there! 

YAR // Winter is planned by a team of young adults just like you, who build the weekend from scratch every year.  Choose from a ton of “Optional Options” all weekend – big games, theme nights, epic events, and seminars & clinics.  Plus, join us for inspiring worship and intentional bible study in daily chapels!

Planned by young adults FOR young adults

Retreat Highlights

Everything is optional at YAR. Yes, everything…except meals. As a result, your weekend schedule can be as packed or relaxed as you choose. That said, we’ll provide plenty of options for you to choose from if you’re not doing your own thing.  From active options like broomball, snow ultimate, hiking, and tubing to cozy, chill options like campfires, board games, a coffee shop, and crafts.  There’s something for everyone!

This weekend is filled to the brim with opportunities to have fun! Participate in epic activities, let out your competitive sports edge, play board games, sit around a campfire, or just relax in peace & quiet.
engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.
Created for community, an important reason for this weekend is the chance to connect with people. This may mean growing deeper with your current friends or establishing brand new friendships.
bring together so a real link is established.
Along with the fun & fellowship, you can grow at your own pace. Be encouraged during chapel sessions, glean practical wisdom & insight during the mentor panel, go in-depth during the seminars, and process with peer small groups.  
cultivate; progress to maturity.

See more highlights in our photo albums!

Speaker & Team

Theme to be announced.

Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell has been the Youth Pastor of Faithbridge Church in Park Rapids, MN, for 16 years. He is the father of four kids and has reluctantly let five cats live in his home. Phil is a Lego fanatic and Lord of The Rings enthusiast.





Grow together.

Guest Reviews

"I loved my small group discussions. And meeting new people. And hanging out with people I don’t see very often."
"It was so fun to worship & fellowship with believers my age!"
"I really enjoy how everything is optional. It doesn’t feel as structured as similar events often do."

Pricing & Options

Rates listed are per person and include 2 nights, 4 meals, and activities. 

$ 89 / Person
  • 2 Nights
  • 4 Meals
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