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“Answering the Call to Action”

chalet 6 BWIn my thirty years at Camp Lebanon, I’ve witnessed men do some pretty amazing things. Here are a few camp activities NOT on that list:  shopping, quilting, hair braiding, and hand waxing. There is one activity, however, men have done eagerly and repeatedly to bless the ministry more than any other. Going all the way back to the days when Camp was led by men named Herb, Sidney, Jack, Irving, Harris, and Larry, guys have answered the call for volunteers to build, repair, and replace.

CAMP_PIONEERS_2Starting in 1947 and 1948, armies of men grabbed their toolboxes and showed up on the north shores of Cedar Lake to lend a hand.  A swamp was filled and trees were cleared. The first cabins were constructed. A dining hall was built. And a new camp ministry was founded.  As a result, kids started to come and many responded to the “Good News!” of the Gospel. 250 attended the first summer. 357 more came in 1949.

And so it has been. Men STEP UP to help. Kids SIGN UP to come.

I’ve been around long enough now to have cut the ribbon on many wonderful new facilities.  West showerhouse (1987). Cedar Bay Lodge (1989). New shop (1989).  Birch Point (1990). KeyStone lakefront (1992). Scandinavia (1994). Chalet renovation (1996). Zipline (2009). New shop #2 (2009).  And a renovated Hub (2012). Volunteers have boosted every project. They’ve also reroofed cabins, planted trees, improved the grounds, and installed docks (under two hours this spring!).

I’ve also seen enough to know that with every enhanced facility comes expanded ministry. Last year, we served 1614 summer youth campers and 9045 guests year-round. In 2016 we could reach 10,000!

The crewOn Tuesday (May 17), friends will gather to celebrate the dedication of Camp’s newest building: the Eagle’s Nest Rec Pavilion on the North 40. Thanks to the many men (and women) who answered the call, this beautiful $500,000 facility was erected for just under $300,000. Especially impressive was the Barn Raising Weekend last May when 25 skilled workers showed up with heavy duty equipment to nail up the SIPS panels. What a blast! Many others came after them to build interior walls, put on siding, sheetrock, paint, and landscape. Blessings on all of them!

So, men, keep doing what you do best! Whether in your own neighborhood or at your favorite ministry site, use  your skills, grab some tools and bless your world.


  • Beaver Point Board Walk (June)
  • Treehouse reroofed (any time!)
  • Waterfront shed renovations (any time!)
  • Paver sidewalks (any time!)
  • Open air Gazebo (summer)

Want to help? Call 1.800.816.1502.

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