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Welcome, Junior High 1!

We're back for our second week - and our first Junior High camp of the summer!

We’re back for our second week – and our first Junior High camp of the summer!

Yesterday, 128 campers checked in, met their counselors, and settled in for an awesome week here at Camp! It was windy and crazy humid for most of the afternoon (which made swim tests a great choice), but our picnic dinner – the first time most of us got to meet and hang out with our whole cabin – had pretty nice weather.

But then it turned weird.

Kirsten King is our speaker for the week, and we can already tell she’s super funny!

We knew a storm was headed in our direction, but some light rain (and a gorgeous double rainbow!) quickly turned into heavy rain and a detour for us down to the lower level of the Chalet. Just to be safe, all of us – campers, junior staff, senior staff and a volunteer group here to help us with some grounds projects – squeezed into the back hallway for a short worship set, and we ended up listening to our speaker, Kirsten King, in the dining hall. (Kirsten previewed what she’ll talk about this week, and told us a hilarious story to communicate the idea that Truth is there to be discovered and enjoyed.) Thankfully, the storm passed without damage and we could go on with the schedule as planned.

Our night ended with canteen and the much-loved staff variety show. We (the staff) put a lot of effort into blending classic skits and new skits into a fresh show – and based on the laughter, I’m guessing we did a pretty good job!

It’s supposed to be a hot week, so please pray for safety for both campers and staff! We’ll try our hardest to keep everyone hydrated.

I’ll be back later to talk about our first full day! See you then!

-Becky Boo

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