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First full day of Junior High? Check.

One full day down, three full days left in the first session of Junior High camp!

One full day down, three full days left in the first session of Junior High camp!

Our day started like any other – with polar dip, flag raising, breakfast and TAG time. After breakfast yesterday morning, we had time for seminars – a chance for us to dive deeper into specific topics that we maybe didn’t have room to talk much about in chapels (one is about the different ways we can worship). The seminars offered rotate based on the day, so we’ll have plenty of options over the week! At the same time, there are also a few clinics, which are more focused on an activity – like Ultimate!

A quick pop break separated clinics and seminars time from chapel. For all junior high weeks, we split the campers up for morning chapel so we can talk about things as guys and girls. Yesterday, the boys talked about having platonic friendships with girls, and the girls talked about what a variety of healthy relationships (friendships, dating/marriage, and mentorships) look like.

We got our mail and caught up with Captain Kyper and P3T3R after lunch. Yesterday, their adventures took them to the planet Ah-hecknah, where they rescued a girl named Nova from giant space spiders and taught her about bravery.

There was a long stretch of free time after that, and campers had plenty of choices in activities – swimming, crafts, boating and chalk art, to name a few. There were also two sessions of paintball before dinner line-up.

During chapel that night, Kirsten talked about truths about life, how God wants us to know Him, and how sometimes (often) we incorrectly put our value in things that will fade (like stuff and things, relationships, and the approval of others) instead of living with heaven in mind. At the end, she encouraged us all to think about what we’re really living for.

Finally, we ended our day with a messy, crazy game called Board the Space Ship. The goal was to find which door of the Chalet was unlocked and get inside – but the unlocked door kept changing and the building was guarded by “berserkers” with pool noodles and buckets of water! By the end of the game, everyone was absolutely drenched.

It was a great first day! Please pray for continued safety for our campers so they can have the best time at Camp this week!

-Becky Boo

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