Blue skies for tournament day

Yesterday's clear skies gave us so many more options for activities - and was great for the volleyball tournament up on the North 40!
Yesterday’s clear skies gave us so many more options for activities – and was great for the volleyball tournament up on the North 40!

We started out the Tuesday of Junior High 2 like any regular day, with polar dip, flag raising, breakfast and TAG time. Unlike our normal weeks, we also took the camp picture yesterday morning – something we put off thanks to the weather. After that, we jumped right into clinics and seminars time. In addition to regular seminars, we also had the option of going to three different clinics: God and Creation (nature appreciation), Basketball and Ultimate.

In our split morning chapel, the boys talked about brotherhood among fellow believers and the girls talked about sin, shame and forgiveness. It was pretty heavy stuff, but it opened up some really important conversations!

Next up was line-up, where we started taking cabin pictures, and lunch, followed by another installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper, our summer-long character. Yesterday’s episode followed her crew to the planet Malk, a watery planet controlled by a strict king who learned about kindness from Captain Kyper and her friends.

Other than some crazy wind, we had beautiful weather for free time – campers flocked to the waterfront for swimming, boating (especially sailing), and fishing! Yesterday was also the first day of the week that zip-line was available.

After flag lowering, we all headed up to the North 40 for a delicious picnic dinner and the much-loved volleyball tournament! Cabins went all out on face paint and cabin “uniforms” to get pumped for the games, and it ended up being a great night.

Finally, in evening chapel, Joe talked about following God even when it’s not popular and how He is the only thing worth following.

We have just two full days left at Camp! Please pray that our remaining time here would be safe, fun and bring us closer to God!

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