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Look! The sun!

A blog post from the last full day of SuperKids 1

After a heavy rainfall last night, the last full day of SuperKids 1 at Camp Lebanon started once again with the polar dip as kids and counselors plunged into the refreshing lake before breakfast. After breakfast, we enjoyed the sunshine and light breeze as we continued with our skills classes, and more campers learned about outdoor survival, canoeing, archery and BB guns.DSC_0026 copyDSC_0060 copy

After our beloved summer-long character The Rocket spoke to us in morning chapel about being on God’s team, we had a delicious lunch of corndogs and French fries. After lunch, the most exciting part of the day took off as campers ran all over Camp searching for hidden staff members to push into the lake. DSC_0043 copy

Then, it was free time! Once again, campers enjoyed the wonderful weather by swimming, doing crafts, munching on canteen treats, and going down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline.DSC_0111 copy

After free time and a hearty dinner of pizza and cheesecake, we returned to chapel for our last session from our speaker Brian Schrader. He talked about discipleship and the importance of sharing our faith (“third base”), as well as how cool it is that we have already made it to “home plate” once we choose to follow Christ!

The night wound down with a fun campfire at Bass Point featuring songs, a lion hunt, and the famous “PRAISE GOD!” yell that echoed all around the lake. The first week of Camp has truly been a blast!

DSC_0093 copyHere is a link to the album with more pictures from this week: Super Kids Album

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