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Family Camp Finale

A blog post summarizing Family Camp Week 2017 at Camp Lebanon

Family Camp for the summer of 2017 at Camp Lebanon came to a close this morning. This week was full of laughter, sunshine, and quality time with families, as well as new and old friends.

Families connected with each other in many different ways this week. We played games as families, we worshiped together in chapel, we had morning devotionals together, and we shared some incredible quality time in a place that it’s easy to connect with each other and with God. We also learned a lot this week through chapels with our speaker Patrick Abendroth, and we all memorized Isaiah 41:9-10.

Some highlights from this week were family soccer, boat races, riding the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, dodgeball, the carpetball tournament, paintball, a home run derby, the Family Variety Show, wacky water olympics, krazy kickball, and our end-of-the-week campfire at Bass Point. We had a great time with all of these cherished Family Camp traditions, but perhaps the greatest highlight of the week was our Fourth of July celebrations.


While we did celebrate the Fourth of July with a crazy fireworks show on the beach, we spent the first half of the day celebrating in a unique way with Grandma Sandy Abeler swimming across Cedar Lake to raise money for kids to come to Camp. Sandy is 90 years old, and she has raised a lot of money with her traditional Fourth of July swim. We are thankful for Grandma Sandy bringing so many kids to Camp.AAB_0277

As families depart from Camp Lebanon today, their hearts are full, their cheeks are sun-kissed, and their minds and contemplating all of the important conversations that they had this week about life, God, and loving each other. Once again, Camp Lebanon is not only a meeting place with God; it is a meeting place with each other, and that has been incredibly impactful for the families that were here this week.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from this week: Family Camp

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