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It’s All About the Game Plan

A blog post for the first full day of SuperKids 2 at Camp Lebanon

The first full day of Camp for Super Kids 2 started with the Polar Dip this morning! We had over 150 kids jump into the lake to start their morning. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, we had our first skills class for the day. Kids learned how to fish, canoe, shoot BB guns and bows, and play various Camp games. It was a lot of fun!

After skills, we had morning chapel where one of our counselors, Kayla Johnson, taught all of the kids the importance of using the Bible and how to find verses in it. After chapel and lunch, we had more skills classes.


Then, we relaxed a bit with some Toes-up-Time and opening up our mail! This rest was much needed because we then played a bunch of group games before Free Time. Today during Free Time, kids took the swim test, rode the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, played Nukem, went boating and swimming, and did crafts. It was a hot day, so a lot of people enjoyed the water!


AAC_0144After dinner and cabin time, we had a fashion show! The campers dressed their counselors up as “cabin mascots” using only the things that they could find in their cabins. There were some fun characters made! After the fashion show, we had Canteen time and evening chapel with our speaker Wendy.

Tonight, Wendy talked about how getting into the Christian faith is similar to running the bases in a game of baseball, and how we need to get to the first base before we can get anywhere else. We need to know the game plan in order to live out our faith! The first base is deciding to follow Jesus, and we’re going to learn about the other “bases” as the week goes on. Tune in tomorrow for all of the fun that Tuesday holds for us!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2

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