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It’s All About TEAMWORK!

A blog post for Tuesday of SuperKids 2 at Camp Lebanon

Our second day of Camp for the week started once more with the Polar Dip. This morning the weather was warm and humid, so a lot of kids enjoyed jumping in the lake to start their day. After a favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, and donuts, we had morning chapel!

In chapel this morning, we sang some of our favorite Camp Lebanon action songs, played  a round of Gorilla-Gets-the-Man, and Rich taught us about the importance of prayer and some practical ways to practice praying.

After chapel we had skills classes once more. More campers learned how to fish, canoe, and play wiffleball on Camp’s new stadium! Then we had lunch (walking tacos!) and some time to rest before our afternoon game.


We got our first lesson in teamwork this afternoon when we played Capture-the-Flag. There was a lot of running, laughter, and working together! After that, it was Free Time. Today, Free Time featured swimming, tie-dye, riding the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, and chalk drawing. We loved the beautiful weather today.


Our next lesson in teamwork came with our carnival tonight. We worked together to play games and win tickets for cabin points! The carnival is a highlight of the week, and this one was a great way to bond with our cabins and counselors.


Our last lesson in teamwork came with evening chapel when our speaker Wendy Gordy talked about the “second base” of living out the Christian faith. Community with other believers looks a lot like teamwork! We have learned a lot today; tune in tomorrow for our last full day of Super Kids 2!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2


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