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It’s All About the Victory

A blog post for the last full day of SuperKids 2 at Camp Lebanon

Our last full day of Camp this week started with beautiful weather and our final Polar Dip. After several people took a refreshing dip in the lake, we had a wonderful breakfast of French toast sticks, and then we had our first skills class of the day.

Skills brought us some little victories today as we caught fish, shot targets, conquered the waves in canoes, and won games of Octoball. After skills we had morning chapel, where Laura Orpen as “The Rocket” taught us about the importance of working together and uplifting the people around us.

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After lunch and our second Skills classes for the day, the campers had a chance for another small victory as they ran around Camp to find the staff members that were hiding. The Staff Hunt is always a favorite game. After the game, we enjoyed our final Free Time!

Free Time was also saturated with little victories today; we conquered our fears on the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, displayed our wit in a game of Mafia, and learned new skills in the craft room.

CCD_0038 copyCCD_0103 copyCCD_0152 copy

Our last lesson in victory came in chapel tonight when Wendy taught us about the last couple “bases” of the Christian faith. She focused on discipleship and the rewards of Heaven that await when we “finish the race.” We are thankful for Wendy and all that she has taught us this week.

Now, we are enjoying some Canteen time before our campfire at Bass Point tonight. We’re excited for what the rest of the night holds for us.

Here is a link to the Facebook page with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2


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