Rainstorms, Picnics, and JUNIOR HIGHERS!

A blog post for the opening day of Junior High 3 at Camp Lebanon

We are so excited for the start of Junior High 3!!! Already, this group of campers seems eager to make new friends, learn, and enjoy the week. We started our evening by getting to know each other, eating a picnic dinner, and learning about Camp’s rules to help keep us safe this week.


A brief but heavy rainstorm brought us all inside for our first chapel with our speaker Kirsten King. Tonight, she introduced herself and gave us a brief idea of what she’ll be talking about for the week. This time, she talked about the “hall of faith” in Hebrews chapter 12 and all of the stories that chapter implies. We are pumped to hear more from Kirsten tomorrow night!


Now, the campers are enjoying some Canteen time before we watch the Staff Variety Show. We are ready for a great week!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 3

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