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2018 Men's Advance

Camp Journal: Men’s Advance

Camp Journal

Men’s Advance

One of our shortest retreats was also one of our most exciting.  Men came up for a packed weekend of worship, learning, and fellowship.  This retreat is in the early part of spring, and this year there was still snow on the ground!  That didn’t stop these guys from taking full advantage of the sunshine outside, or the game rooms inside.  There were plenty of things to do during the free times between chapel sessions – hiking, cornhole, broomball, pool, ping pong, and (for the first time ever!) Archery Tag!

“Camp has always been a place to do business with God.”

Over 100 men joined us for Men’s Advance this year!  We enjoyed hearing from our speaker, Mark Henry, Lead Pastor at Revive Church in Brooklyn Center.  Mark talked through our theme, “The Man Code,” by touching on twelve individual topics on what it means to be a man of God according to Scripture.  This word was felt powerfully by the men who came.  One of our guests said that they appreciated the speaker “pointing out and showing me the expectations God has for me as a man.”

“I always feel close to God here.”

We love to see men getting to relax, unplug, and really connect with one another in an informal way.  Through these in depth chapel sessions, followed by small group time and time for fun and rest, we pray that this retreat was an opportunity for men to meet with God.

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