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Super Kids 1 Last Full Day of Fun

The week is quickly coming to an end, but that didn't stop us from squeezing in one last full day of fun!

It’s hard to believe that the first week of the summer has come and gone just like that! The Super Kids 1 group will be heading home tomorrow!

To catch you up on last night’s chapel, the campers learned about the shield of faith and how it can protect us.

We had a brisk morning for our polar dip today! After getting dried off, the campers gathered for flag raising once again. They learned their memory verse of the day, put them all together with the actions, and headed into breakfast.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child if they remember all of the memory verses and their actions (Colossians 3:12, 13, and 14).


After cleaning up breakfast and their cabins, campers headed into morning chapel where they learned about The Parable of the Good Samaritan (found in Luke 10:25-37).

They then got to head outside for their last TAC time! The different stations included learning about slings, participating in a tournament, going on a nature walk, learning to use projectiles, team building, and learning good sportsmanship.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child what their favorite TAC time activity was.

Bonus picture: One of our counselors found a little (harmless) snake!

After TAC time came lunch, and then toes up time. That way, the campers got to nap on a full stomach in order to be rested up for our exciting game called “Storm the Castle!” Similar to capture the flag, there are two teams that have their own side that they keep their flags on to protect. However, in this game, there is also a castle on each side, and if someone from one team makes it to the other team’s castle, they make a tally with chalk to show that they made it. The significance of the tallies is that there is a time limit, and if no one gets the flags before the time is up, the tallies act as a tie breaker.

The campers moved right along from the game into free time. It was a beautiful day on the lake!

They also got some more zipline and craft time!

After free time came the last flag lowering and dinner time of the week! Then, the counselors took their cabins on their final cabin adventure.

Following cabin adventure time came the conclusion of evening chapels, and the kids learned about the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit. The speaker told the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child to tell you all of the parts of the armor of God.

Now, the campers are enjoying their evening free time. Afterwards, we will be heading out to the Campfire for worship, stories, and games which I will talk about in the final blog tomorrow along with some pictures.

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Super Kids 1 – Photo Album

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