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The First Round of Goodbyes

It was an amazing first week of Camp, with some really great Super Kids! To Victory!

I’m sad to say that our first group of youth summer camp is packed up and heading home. We had a great week, and we are going to miss everyone!

Last night, we had our traditional campfire to close the final night of camp. There was worship, a story from this week’s speaker, a game of “The Gorilla gets the Man” (it’s like full body rock-paper-scissors), and other cool stuff we got to enjoy last night.

The game “Gorilla gets the Man” was won by one of our counselors, Weston, who was then showered with a bucket full of cold water.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child what the best part of the campfire was. How far did they get in “Gorilla gets the Man”?  Have them explain the game, and teach you the song – then play together!

This morning, campers woke up to start packing and cleaning their cabins. Then it was time for flag raising, and they went through the memory verses of the week one last time before heading in for breakfast.

Fun Fact: All the things at the edge of the Amphitheater stage are the lost and found items from the week!

After breakfast, it was time for the Closing Rally!  First, the kids were sent inside for a skit by our staff members following the story of Reginald and his friends.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child to tell you Reginald’s story!


After the skit, campers got their last batch of mail, and then they got to see the photo slideshow and video of the week’s activities!

Following the slide show and video, the campers, along with some of their parents, headed to the amphitheater. There was worship, prizes were handed out for various competitions that went on this week, our speaker gave one last message, and some staff members got pied!

Then came the goodbyes. Campers checked out of their cabins when their parents came to pick them up, and they headed home.  We had an amazing week with these super Super Kids, learning more about God and how we can all be knights of the Lord’s table!  To Victory!

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Super Kids 1 – Photos & Video

You can take the fun of Camp home with you!  Our photo slideshow, video of the week, and all of the photos from the week are located in their high quality versions HERE.

Super Kids 1 – Facebook Photo Album

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  1. A note from a grandma … THANK YOU so much for all of the pictures and videos. It was great to follow my grandkids (3 of them there!) and see all the fun they were experiencing. You did a great job with the blog, and the pictures were awesome. Thanks again!

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