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Junior High 1 Kickoff!

We are pumped and ready for this first round of Junior High campers! It's going to be a blast!

It’s great to be back for another week of camp, and we couldn’t be more excited for our first group of Junior High campers! It’s a short day today to get settled in and adjusted, but that doesn’t stop us from squeezing in plenty of fun before lights out!

Campers showed up today during some on and off rain and were greeted by their counselors in some pretty cool costumes.


After getting checked in and moved in, they had some time to play some games before opening events got rolling.


To start off, everyone gathered at the Amphitheater to introduce the campers to the staff who will be their cabin friends for the week. Then, they learned the “D-O-W-N” chant that we will be doing every day.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child about the “D-O-W-N” chant. To have some fun, do it as a family!

Then came flag lowering, which we will do every afternoon before supper. A few staff members acted as the “Color Guard” to demonstrate how to properly fold the flag.

Campers were then dismissed for supper. Tonight, we had a picnic dinner, so the counselors chose somewhere around camp for their cabin to eat as a group and get to know one another.

They then headed to the chapel to learn about the camp rules, and then got some free time with their cabins before chapel.

In chapel we sang some songs and got to know our speaker for the week, Rocky. He had the campers play some guessing games to learn about his interests and gave out delicious prizes for right answers. We also played a game called “Medieval Apples to Apples” that we will be playing throughout the week that involves putting a medieval picture on the screen, reading off some possible descriptions, and the campers guessing which is right.

Rocky talked about some heroes in his life growing up, how they were role models to him, and what they did that impacted his relationship with God.

After chapel, the campers got a short amount of free time while the staff set up for the variety show! The variety show is a fun compilation of random skits put on by the staff on the first night of every week. Lots of laughter filled the chapel tonight!

Take Camp Home: Ask your child what their favorite skit was from the variety show. See if they want to act it out!

Following the variety show, campers went back to their cabins for a night time devotional and got ready for bed!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

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