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Swimming, Sailing, and Storming the Castle!

We have been having a gorgeous week full of sunshine, and today was no exception!

We have been having a gorgeous week full of sunshine, and today was no exception!

Last night in chapel, we learned the story of Jephthah (found in Judges 11) and talked about surrendering to God.

This morning started as usual with polar dip, flag raising, memory verse actions (Colossians 3:14), breakfast, tag time, and then morning chapel.

Today in women’s chapel, we heard from one of our wonderful staff members Marissa; she shared about her life before she gave her life to Christ and her life now as a Christ follower. She shared the verses 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Isaiah 43:1 as an encouragement to the girls that their identity is not defined by the things of their past but as a child of God. The boys talked about fellowship with one another and being vulnerable with their brothers in Christ. They discussed John 13:31-35 and Philippians 2:1-8.

After morning chapel, campers had some free time before clinics and seminars. Today, campers had the same options as Monday to choose from so that hopefully they can get to attend another one they had an interest in.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they learned in their clinics and seminars this week. What did they enjoy about them?

Following clinics and seminars, we headed to lunch, and then we went to the Amphitheater for the mail call skit.

When campers had their mail, they were released to free time! It was such a nice day out; the waterfront was full all of free time.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was this week. Maybe it is something they can do at home!

After free time came flag lowering and then dinner. Evening chapel was right after dinner today. Before worship, we played “Gorilla Gets the Man,” which is like whole body rock-paper-scissors. Tonight, we learned about the stories of Samson (Judges 13-16) and Samuel (1 Samuel) and how the Holy Spirit was at work in them. Our speaker, Phil Campbell, talked about how even though the Holy Spirit can’t physically be seen, He is real, and we are in the midst of spiritual warfare as Christians.

Now, campers have some free time while the staff sets up our game called “Storm the Castle.” It’s like a medieval themed capture the flag, with an extra objective as a tie breaker.

Once the game is over, campers will head back to their cabins for devotionals and then it will be lights out.

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Junior High 2- Photo Album

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