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Sayonara Senior High!

We had an amazing week getting to know everyone and having lots of fun doing some crazy games. 

Today was our closing day with the senior high campers. We had an amazing week getting to know everyone and having lots of fun doing some crazy games.

In last night’s chapel, we talked about Encouraging others and finding community with one another at the Lord’s Table. Then, we had the campfire with worship, stories, and our traditional “Praise God” yell that echoes across the lake.


This morning campers got up to pack and clean their cabins before flag raising and breakfast. We then walked around camp picking up any trash or lost and found.

Afterwards, everyone gathered in the Main Hall for our final mail call of the week. Then, parents and campers watched the photo slideshow and video of the week’s activities.

Once the video was over, we moved outside for worship, prizes, and pieing staff members!


This week is so unique compared to the others, and the staff put a lot of planning into all of the games and theme dinners, and we have had so much fun watching everything unfold. We are praying for everyone’s safe journey home.

We would like to leave you with a message from our speaker:

“With the theme ‘Knights of the Round Table’, our focus was directed toward the table. ‘Table’ as seen in God’s Word is a place where we experience and enjoy God’s presence and the presence of one another. We used the letters in the word TABLE to mean, Thanksgiving, Adoration, Belief, Love and Encouragement.

“As we are in God’s presence we come in Thanksgiving for all He has done for us. This act of thanksgiving leads us to Adoration for who He is. This is all possible of course only as we Believe in Him. Belief is central. We believe the truth of God’s word, and that Jesus is who He said He was. From belief flows love…love from God who has lavished His love on us calling us His children and love to God as seen as we spend time with Him in His Word, as we obey His commands (that are not burdensome) and as we love one another as He loved us. And finally, when we enjoy the presence of God and one another at table we find it to be a place of encouragement…we need one another.

“We want to continue to gather together and share in times of thanksgiving, adoration, confirming our belief and loving one another. Our God is a powerful God and loving toward all He has made, he prepares a table before us and invites us to join Him. What a privilege!”

-Kirsten King

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the most memorable part of the week was for them and why.

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Senior High- Photo Album

For full-sized versions of this weeks photos, go to our Google Drive Album!

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