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Welcome, Super Kids 3!

Today was a lovely day out to welcome the Super Kids 3 campers!

Today was a lovely day out to welcome the Super Kids 3 campers! They checked in this afternoon and had some time to settle in and take their swim test.

Later, everyone gathered at the Amphitheater for introductions of the non-counseling staff members. After introductions, campers learned who their cabin friend for the week is. A cabin friend is a non-counseling staff member who helps out when needed and hangs out with the campers when they have time. Then, staff members volunteered to lower our country’s flag to show the campers how to properly lower and fold the flag, as we will raise and lower the flag every day.

After flag lowering, campers went to dinner, and with their cabins, chose a spot to eat outside and have a picnic meal! Then, we went inside to learn the camp rules.

Following rules, campers went on a tour of camp led by their counselors. Then, it was time for chapel. After worship, campers met our speaker for the week, Darla Benjamin. Tonight, she spoke about faith, and she used her experience skydiving as an analogy of having enough trust to take a leap of faith.

Campers then had some free time while staff set up for the Variety Show. After getting the giggles out, the campers are now going back to their cabins for devotionals and then it will be lights out tonight.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite skit from the Variety Show was!

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album

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