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Wonderful Wednesday (Part Two)!

Part two of our Wednesday blog is packed with stories of a very full day!

Today for Free Time, a staff member had the great idea of bringing a 9-Square set down to the shallow end of the waterfront!  It was so fun to see campers playing this popular game in the water today!


There are plenty of other fun things happening during Free Time – including swimming, zipline, and laser tag!  Cabins get to participate together in these activities with their cabin groups.  It was a warm day, but that just made the trip down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline more enjoyable because of the nice breeze!

If you didn’t want to hang out in the hot sun for a while, lots of campers headed into the Craft Room for some quiet crafting time.  The craft of the day was decorating a mug!


The waterfront was busy with campers enjoying the water – lots of fun on the Raft, the Rockit, and the watermats!

After a delicious dinner of chicken enchiladas, rice, salad, and chocolate cake, campers had evening chapel!  Mark Allen talked about what comes after beginning the journey of following Jesus.  Making the decision to follow Him means that we will be changed.

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

-Ephesians 4:1

Mark talked to campers about how after a big decision to follow Jesus, we often focus on our behaviors and what we need to change about those.  But he said that instead we should focus on  our thoughts.  “Thoughts are as important as actions” to Jesus.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about this chapel and have a conversation about things that they took away from it.  Ask them about the story Mark told about the river – ask them what they think is “upstream” that might need to change.

Mark finished the chapel by talking about the 4 questions to ask ourselves:

  1. What am I consuming?
  2. What AREN’T I consuming?
  3. What am I believing about myself?
  4. What am I believing about God?

Campers will discuss this questions throughout the rest of the week!

There is one more full day left of Camp, but first, tonight there is Canteen and then an all Camp game called “Storm the Castle,” a medieval-themed Capture the Flag!

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album


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