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A Mini Finale to a Mini Week!

Our last full day of summer youth camps was a blast!  So much happened, and these Adventurers knew just how to make the most of their time at Camp Lebanon.  #TheFunnestFun

Our last full day of summer youth camps was a blast!  So much happened, and these Adventurers knew just how to make the most of their time at Camp Lebanon.  Last night, they sat in on another chapel with Sir William of Bobber, who told them the amazing “Wall Story” and shared the story of salvation.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Have your camper tell you The Wall Story, then read Romans 6:23 and John 3:16.  Talk to your camper about the story and how God’s love story for His people is found in it.

Campers woke up this morning to the usual – Polar Dip, Breakfast, and Morning Chapel.  In todays morning chapel, Sir William talked about what it means to be a Knight of the King!


TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about the King’s Two Great Commands.  What are the commands, and what are some ways that you and your camper can live them out?  (The commands are found in Mark 12:30-31).

After chapel, it was time for Mini Mini Mighty Mighty, a field game that has been played all summer up on the big field.  Because of the small size of our group (and the smaller legs of our campers), we had the game down on our lower field instead.

After the big game, we headed in for lunch (taco-in-a-bag), and then to Toes-Up Time.  Campers get to look at their mail and relax in their cabin for an hour.  The rest is certainly needed after the busy days they have been having!  And the down-time was helpful before the big game of dodgeball that came next!

Then came Free Time!

Today there were lots of campers on the waterfront and in the craft room.  Our craft of the day was making swords out of pool noodles!  It was a little chilly today, but the sun came out just in time to shine on our Waterfront.  Campers who passed their swim tests played on the watermat and the Rockit, while the rest of the campers did cannonballs and belly-flops off of the dock, or went down the shallow slide.  Goggles were particularly popular with the campers today – they loved going under water and seeing what they could see!

China cabin lowered the flag before dinner.  Their cabin did a great job of folding the flag, while the campers stood at attention.  Tonight’s dinner was the crowd favorite (and a great finale) – PIZZA!

After dinner was our final chapel of the week, and Sir William had something very exciting to share with campers at this session!  He told them all about “The King’s Castle” – Heaven!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper if they can remember any of the 6 Cool Things about Heaven!  Grab your Bibles and read Revelation 21:1-8 & John 14:1-6!

The big event on the last night of Camp is always the Campfire Trek!  Tonight, Bobber Bill blew his trumpet to start the hike out to Bass Point.

We had our last Gorilla Gets the Man round, and we celebrated our winner for the week!


Before the Lion Hunt, Bobber Bill told the story of Tommy and his boat.  The campers listened with great attention as he told the story.


TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to retell the story of Tommy and his boat.  What did he name is boat?  What happened to the boat after he built it?  What did it mean when Tommy said that the boat was “twice mine?”  What does it mean that we are “twice mine” to God?

Tomorrow is the final day!  We will celebrate an amazing week, give out prizes, sing some songs, and thank God for a really wonderful week!  Until then, sleep well!

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