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Pancakes, Polar Dip, and Popcorn!

Read about our first full day of Adventurers 2! #TheFunnestFun

Happy Monday!  Our Adventurers were ready to go this morning for a chilly Polar Dip and a yummy pancake breakfast.  After eating, campers went back to their cabins to help their counselors with tidying the cabin.  Our nurses this week walk around in the morning to do cabin inspections, and everyone wanted to try to get 5 stars!

Then it was time for the All Camp Picture!  We picked a new spot this week – in front of the Chalet building.  Campers will go home with a copy of the photo, but we will share the goofy picture with you here!


We had some cabin time during the morning to play and enjoy the rain ending.  Then campers headed in for morning chapel with Sir William of Bobber!  Today, Sir William talked about The King’s Word – The Bible!  We learned lots of important facts about the Bible, including that it is God’s Love Story – a rescue plan to save His lost people.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper what they learned about the Bible?  See if they can remember how many books there are in the Bible.  Do they remember how many human authors wrote the Bible?  Or how many errors it has (here’s a clue: there are zero!)? Take some time to look through some of the books of the Bible – maybe share your favorite Bible story with your camper!

After Chapel, campers played a game called “Staff Hunt.”  Staff went to hide all over Camp, and if a camper found them, they got to push them in the lake!

Then it was time for lunch (mini corn dogs, smile fries, salad, and fruit for dessert), Story Time with Tori, and Toes Up Time!  Campers took a little mid-day rest in their cabins before another game called Camp Lebanon Auction.  Campers went back to their cabins with their cabin friends to fill up a suitcase with random items from their cabin.  They get points for every object they bring that is on the list!

Then it was time for Free Time!  The Canteen, Craft Room, Trading Post, and Waterfront all opened up for campers!


Particularly popular today were the fishing docks!  There were lots of campers out their using some leftover breakfast foods as bait.  Our fishing grandparents spent time measuring fish, helping campers take fish off of hooks, and generally keeping everyone safe on the fishing docks.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  What was your camper’s favorite Free Time activity this week?

Free Time went all too quickly, and then we headed in for our delicious dinner (BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and corn bread or apple pie for dessert)!

Then came the BIG event – the Ye Olde Renaissance Festival (formerly known as the Carnival).  Staff organize a bunch of fun carnival games and activities and give campers tickets for completing them!  Plus, there is always really delicious popcorn!


It’s been a great day!  We still have a great chapel session to look forward to tonight before we all head to bed.  Monday was our first full day, and we can only guess at all the fun we are going to have tomorrow!  Until then…To Victory!

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Adventurers 2 – Photo Album

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