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Camp Lebanon News – August 2018

Judging by the numbers, God showed up BIG at Camp Lebanon this summer! The “Funnest Fun!” kicked off with a record June, as all three camps established new highs.

Record Fall in Exciting Summer Season

Judging by the numbers, God showed up BIG at Camp Lebanon this summer! The “Funnest Fun!” kicked off with a record June, as all three camps established new highs. The interest in Adventurers (217!) was so crazy a second session in mid-August was added (59 kids!) What’s even more amazing, all July and August camps exceeded capacity. Wow! The pre-summer staff motto was #1800, but the total (includes Sweat Team & LIT) officially topped 1960, racing past the old record of 1850 kids that attended back in 2005! Family Camps are also setting new highs with over 750 in attendance. PTL! While breaking records is exciting for staff and good for the budget, the real bottom line is this: God continues to give Camp Lebanon a tremendous opportunity to share the love and life of His Son Jesus with TONS of kids grades K-12. And many (200+!) said “YES!” to Jesus. Thanks for praying us through! Don’t stop now! “Septummer” is coming!

If You Light It, They Will Come!

On August 17, a group of boys got the surprise of their lives! Playing on Legends Field powered by the headlights from their leader’s truck, these big league wannabes suddenly found themselves playing on a fully lit wiffleball field! The first lighting also proved be the ultimate 30th birthday present for the field’s designer, Monte Abeler. We can only dream of groups that will play on into tomorrow, like these boys who finally called it quits at 12:15 AM! Play ball!

How You Can Pray

  • PRAISE! Summer Ministries: Every event well-attended, greatly blessed of God!
  • PRAISE! Mission Offerings: $1000+ every session! Offering tops $10,500!
  • PRAISE! Summer Blessings: $4000 & $1200 memorials; $2500 & $3000 love gifts.
  • PRAISE! Fall Event Interest High: Women’s events leading the way to a big fall!
  • PRAISE! Fall rental weekends filled! Limited winter openings. (Call soon!)
  • PRAISE! Volunteers: Friends helping with clean up, office projects, and site work.
  • PRAY! “Septummer” is coming! Only 5 empty calendar days in September.
  • PRAY! Fall Ministries: Staff unity, safety, spiritual harvest, sustaining joy!
  • PRAY! Fall Planning: Lots of details to work, trying to stay ahead of the wave!
  • PRAY! Plans for a new gym and lodge approved – Pray for wisdom & funding!

To Ukraine with Love!

Since early days, offerings received at youth sessions have encouraged God’s work around the world. In 1996, gifts helped to start up Source of Life Camp in Chernivtsy, Ukraine. The ministry there sponsors camps for kids, families, women, orphans, the blind, widows and more. Since 1996, Camp’s $135K in offerings fixed up the pool and admin building (pictured), built playgrounds, upgraded plumbing, and helped start a second church. 2018 goal: $10,000.

Read more in the full Camp Lebanon News (August 2018) by Bobber Bill!   Other exciting news from Camp:


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Rental Opportunities

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