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Camp Lebanon News – October 2018

The Minnesota Twins might have fallen short of expectations even as the Vikings’ new season opened wide right, but Camp followed up a record summer with a victorious September.

Camp’s Win Streak Continues with Crazy Busy Fall

The Minnesota Twins might have fallen short of expectations even as the Vikings’ new season opened wide right, but Camp followed up a record summer with a victorious September. Serving over 1200 guests, the month was packed with winning events for families, dads and daughters, senior adults, men, and women. The two Women’s Retreats knocked it out of the park with two packed-out weekends (455 women!) and $14,766 in gifts through the Silent Auctions and Love Offerings. $8102 was designated for new floors in three cabins and Activity Center, and $6664 was earmarked for missions.  This year the women partnered with Sisters of Hope International outfitting 97 Ugandan homes with life-sustaining water filters. What a blessing! Next up in Camp’s batting order are three big rental weekends, Camp’s 3rd Annual Fall Fire (grades 9-10), and five sessions of Quilt & Craft – all at capacity levels. Keep praying. The staff is pushed to its limits, but the opportunities to share the love of Christ are amazing.

If You Light It, They Will Come!

On August 17, a group of boys got the surprise of their lives! Playing on Legends Field powered by the headlights from their leader’s truck, these big league wannabes suddenly found themselves playing on a fully lit wiffleball field! The first lighting also proved be the ultimate 30th birthday present for the field’s designer, Monte Abeler. We can only dream of groups that will play on into tomorrow, like these boys who finally called it quits at 12:15 AM! Play ball!

Congrats Monte & Jaimie!

The day was perfect.  The bride (Jaimie Schreifels) was gorgeous.  And the groom (Monte Abeler, Director of Guest Ministries) beamed with joy.  Monte & Jaimie were wed 9-9 at Hole #9 on Camp’s North 40 with a big tent reception adjacent the Eagle’s Nest.  The newlyweds make their new home in Avon.  Woohoo!

How You Can Pray

  • PRAISE! Fantastic Senior Day: 150 guests, $6944 love offering, wonderful program.
  • PRAISE! Men’s Retreat: 140 men (20 from Teen Challenge), $1600 offering.
  • PRAISE! Women’s Retreat: 455 women, auction/loving offering $14,766, sweet time! PRAISE! New Master Plan: CUP approval from Morrison County, no local opposition.
  • PRAISE! Rental Ministries: Fall weekends filled, limited winter openings. (Call soon!)
  • PRAY! Camp Board: Long and short-term planning, staffing, site development.
  • PRAY!Volunteers Needed: raking, cleaning, waterfront, winter prep.
  • PRAY! Fall Ministries: Staff health & unity, safety, spiritual harvest, sustaining joy PRAY! Winter Planning: Lots of details to work out, trying to stay ahead of the wave!

Read more in the full Camp Lebanon News (October 2018) by Bobber Bill!

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