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Camp Lebanon News – December 2018

Update for December- 11,000 guests reached in 2018, plus prayer & praise requests for the upcoming season!

Camp Tops 11,000 Guests

It’s that time of YAR again! Over 100 young adults are expected at the YAR Icebreaker December 27-30 in what promises to be an exciting finale to an amazing year. 2018 will be remembered for many things: corcls (fun water toys), laser tag, new hiking trails, record summer (1,969 youth, 752 family) and fall ministries, wiffleball stadium lights, online quilt registration, new summer check-in process, a big fall wedding, youth camper #75,000, $11,352 summer missions offering, and many (thousands!) lives impacted by the love and life of our Lord Jesus. Thanks to a dedicated staff, expanded social media efforts (new website!) and lots of happy campers, year-round attendance topped 11,000 for the first time. “Camp is not about stats, but numbers tell an amazing story of God’s faithfulness,” Executive Director Bill Abeler explains. “Only heaven knows how many lives were touched for eternity, but we witnessed again and again how God used this special place to encourage youth, families, and adults in their walk with the Savior. Bring on 2019!” Be praying. Four big winter youth retreats kick off the new year.

Year End Gifts Bless Camp, Boost the Team

Amazing things happen when amazing friends do amazing things. Camp is blessed year-round as volunteers help with projects and events, churches and friends send monthly gifts, and many people pray. But there is something special about the year-end outpouring of support. Many give in response to the year-end letter. Some boost Camp out of habit, as did a family with their $2000 donation. Others contribute simply out of love for this special place, like the guest group family with their first-time $1500 gift. It all comes together to help launch an exciting new year. THANK YOU!

Camp’s Cup Runneth Over

October 25 was a HUGE day for Camp Lebanon. After nine months of planning and $20,000 in expenses, a “new and improved” Master Plan was blessed by Morrison County with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The plan outlines the full development of the ministry’s 143 acres. Earlier in 2018, the County also rezoned seven camp parcels to Shoreland Commercial. All of this was done with no local opposition. Praise the Lord!

How You Can Pray

  • PRAISE! Guest Ministries: Up 10% for 2018. 2019 dates filling FAST! Hurry!!!
  • PRAISE! 2018 Program Ministries: 12% increase = abundant ministry opportunities!
  • PRAISE! Recent gifts: $4900 (TranMN), $4K (scholarship), $9K (gym), $6K (quilters).
  • PRAISE! Estate Gift: $10,350 life insurance settlement blesses Camp!
  • PRAISE! Record Fall Retreats (Dads ‘N’ Daughters; Women’s Retreats, Fall Fire, Quilt).
  • PRAY! Camp Board: Long and short-term planning, staffing, site development.
  • PRAY! Winter Ministries: Program planning; full weekends; good weather.
  • PRAY! Year End Letter: $50K, 100 prayer partners sought to launch 2019 ministries!

Read more in the full Camp Lebanon News (December 2018) by Bobber Bill!   Other exciting news from Camp:

  • THE FUNNEST FUNDRAISER: Raising money to send kids to Camp!  Donate to our Scholarship fund.
  • Give your friends and family a “Turkey Hug” this holiday season!
  • Family Camp EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  There’s still time to get your $30 Canteen Card!  Register before Dec. 31st.  Spots are filling fast, so hurry to sign your family up for their summer fun!
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  • Have you seen this beautiful sunset over the frozen Cedar Lake?  Taken by our very own Bill Abeler!
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