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Camp Lebanon News – November 2018

November recap: Fall Quilt keeps Camp rockin', Fall FIRE brings over 180 teens and leaders to Camp, and a surprise blessing for our facility!

Quilters Keep Camp Rockin’

“Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot!” With that, 130 quilters joined the battle, sparring to see which table was going to win the big prize (“Valued at somewhere between zero and a million dollars!”). The women had a fabulous time, both at the wonderful Chinese dinner banquet and throughout the course of five quilt sessions. The rock theme enriched the experience, with fun program enhancements like “stone soup,” pumice stones, and lessons from “The Everlasting Rock” grounded in God’s Word. “It’s our prayer that women leave with a boulder faith,” Women’s Director and teacher, Lisa Abeler, shared with the ladies. With all sessions on a wait list, another record Fall Quilt season is in reach. More importantly, the stories of life-significant conversations and connections were abundant. Thanks for praying us through this incredible season of ministry, which runs through the first weekend in December. An early blast of snow and ice remind us of the fun just ahead!

FALL FIRE ’18: Build It. Light It. Feel It. Feed It. Spread It.

Over 180 teens and leaders from 13 churches converged on Camp over MEA Weekend for the Third Annual Fall FIRE! The weather was cold, the games crazy, the teaching powerful – and kids had a blast!

How You Can Pray

  • PRAISE! Guest Ministries: Up 10% for 2018. 2019 dates filling FAST!
  • PRAISE! 2018 Program Ministries: 13% increase = abundant ministry opportunities!
  • PRAISE!Women’s Retreat: 455 women, auction/loving offering $14,766, sweet time!
  • PRAISE! New Master Plan: County approved! Next up: New gym and Lodge.
  • PRAISE! Rental Ministries: Fall weekends filled, limited winter openings. (Call soon!)
  • PRAY! Camp Board: Long and short-term planning, staffing, site development.
  • PRAY! Fall Ministries: Staff health & unity, safety, spiritual harvest, sustaining joy.
  • PRAY! Winter Planning: Program details; full weekends; good ice.
  • PRAY! Year End Letter: $50K, 100 prayer partners sought to launch 2019 ministries!

Camp Floored by Generous Friends!

Amazing things happen when amazing friends do amazing things. Women’s Retreat guests, for example, raised $14,766 through their annual Silent Auction & Offering. The gift was divided between Camp and a Ugandan ministry known as Sisters Of Hope International. Added to a $7000 Senior Day Offering, the funds covered old floors with new vinyl planks in three cabins plus the Activity Center. The transformation was, well, amazing!

Read more in the full Camp Lebanon News (November 2018) by Bobber Bill!   Other exciting news from Camp:

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