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Camp Journal: 2018 Fall Quilt Wrap-Up

Over 650 quilters joined us for our fall quilt season this year, enjoying a chance to escape from everyday life, eat some yummy food, and work on their creative projects!

Rock, Paper, Scissors…QUILT!

The end of a quilt season always takes us a little by surprise – it goes by so fast!  Over 650 quilters joined us for our fall quilt season this year, enjoying a chance to escape from everyday life, eat some yummy food, and work on their creative projects!  Quilt stations were set up all over Camp, in every building, and on any given afternoon walking through Camp Lebanon, our ears were met with the gentle “whirring” of busy sewing machines.

Projects Galore!

Each Quilt & Craft camp has a team of quilt instructors tasked with teaching certain classes and patterns, and some who “rove” around searching for a quilter in need of assistance.  We love our quilt instructors and the volunteers who help to make these retreats productive and encouraging for the guests!  And we love to see all of the creativity and effort that goes into each quilt, scrapbook, or other creative project.  In each one we see the Great Designer’s nature shining through the creations of these quilters!

It is one of our favorite moments to get to the end of a quilt retreat and see all of the completed projects being shown off at our “Show ‘N’ Tell” meal times!  We get to hear the stories behind the pieces and appreciate all of the hard work that went into their creation.

A Rockin’ Theme and Solid Devotions

Quilters had plenty of time for quilting, but also for spending in the word, talking with friends, and enjoying the still, peaceful grounds at Camp – a meeting place with God.  Through all of our programming and devos (including a Sunday morning worship service in the Dining Hall), Camp seeks to convey the love of Christ to our guests and give them tangible truths that they can bring home with them.

“ is always a place where I feel God is present and I feel a place of refuge….I was blessed by Lisa’s message and fellowship.”
– Quilter Quote

Our theme this fall focused on Jesus as our rock.  Lisa Abeler, our Women’s Ministries Director, led devotional times during meals, guiding quilters towards the solid foundation of their faith, and pointing to the Savior, Jesus Christ, our “mighty fortress.”  Through stories, in depth Bible study, and music, Lisa shared her heart with the quilters and invited them to stand firm in what they believe, trusting that God will take care of them.

“The message Saturday evening felt like it was speaking to my life and reminding me what trusting God looks like.”
– Quilter Quote

Unique Opportunities

Our quilt retreats always have great opportunities for our guests, including special classes, special guests, and even quilt shops from around Minnesota (like Millie P’s, Country Fabrics, and Hingeley Road Quilt Shop).

In addition to these exciting staples, Camp also hosted two fun events for early birds this year – a tour of the Old Creamery Woolen Mill in Randal, MN (followed up with a class on making Felted Dryer Balls) on Thursday, and a Barn Quilt Painting class (taught by Cynthia Buchholz) on Friday.

God showed His faithfulness in so many ways during this season of Quilt & Craft camps!  Our staff was reminded daily of His provision, and it was a joy to see these quilters pouring out their creative gifts, chatting, and laughing with each other.  We are so thankful for this amazing ministry that Camp has been given – looking ahead to 2019 with anticipation!

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