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10 Reasons Kids Love Summer Camp!

It's time to bring summer back to the basics. Here are ten of the many reasons that kids LOVE summer camp at Camp Lebanon!

It’s time to take summer back to the basics. At camp, kids can experience the delight of their Creator all summer long. Here’s a list of ten reasons why kids love summer camp!

CEDAR LAKE. Swim it. Fish it. Boat it.

Camp Lebanon is situated on a beautiful, fish-filled lake. So we want to make sure kids have every opportunity to beat the summer heat by splashing, fishing, and boating as much as they can! We have amazing Fishing Grandparent volunteers who help out at the fishing docks, vigilant lifeguards who are committed to safety in the swimming area, and a great buddy system for swimming and boating. Take out a canoe, kayak, or paddle-boat with a buddy (or staff member), go on a pontoon ride with Fishing Grandparents to catch a big one, or jump off of our diving raft and play on the water mats in the swimming area.

FREE TIME FUN. Crafts. Canteen. Lots of fun!

Free Time at Camp Lebanon happens each day in the afternoon. This supervised fun is a chance for campers to choose their own adventure. Whether it is going fishing with their friends, grabbing a swimming buddy and playing King of the Watermat in the lake, or maybe heading inside with their counselor to make friendship bracelets in the Craft Room – there is never a dull moment. There’s also the chance to go down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, play Laser Tag, or attend another staff-run activity or game!

KID-CRAZY STAFF. God-honoring. Trained. Fun!

We love our Camp Lebanon summer staff! Our team of 40+ young people are completely invested in showing campers the love of Jesus and helping them have the best week of their summer. The entire staff undergoes around 2 weeks of intense training before summer begins, including First Aid and CPR. They are prepared to go all out in serving campers every summer!

LASTING FRIENDSHIPS. New ones. Old ones.

There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends at Camp, as well as to connect with old ones! In their cabin groups, campers will get to build a team mentality as their counselor leads them in cabin devotions and discussions, takes them on Cabin Adventures, and even engages them in team-building activities. The friendships made at Camp can last a lifetime!

COOL SPEAKERS. Exciting. Positive. Real.

Every week of Camp, a new speaker will have the chance to bring the truth of God’s Word to the campers in a real, fresh way. Campers can interact with the speakers’ messages through daily TAG time (Time Alone with God) in the mornings and cabin devos with their counselor.

GREAT FOOD. Kid-friendly. Fresh veggies & fruit.

This isn’t the Camp food you might be expecting! Camp desires to serve food that is both kid AND mom-approved. Lots of yummy, nutritious veggies and fruit, along with some classic kids-friendly favorites.

“THE FUNNEST FUN.” Octoball. Zipline. Carpetball!

Camp Lebanon believes that “The Funnest Fun” is the kind of joy that comes when we delight in life according to God’s design. Kids are made to laugh, play, and learn – at Camp, they have a safe place to explore who God made them to be in an environment of fun and encouragement. In every game and activity, our staff strives to include every camper and demonstrate ways to have fun to the glory of God!

GOD’S CREATION. Hike. Discover. Be awed.

Camp Lebanon has been blessed with beautiful grounds with abundant opportunity to witness God’s Creation at its best!  It’s not unusual to spot a deer, beaver, or barred owl on a hike along our trails.  Trek out to The Point or to Sunset Cove right around dusk, kayak into Turtle Bay to catch a sun-bathing turtle, or walk (quietly) onto the Beaver Boardwalk to see if you can spot the busy inhabitants of our very own beaver dam!

CAMP BAND. Loud. Lively. Shakes floor & soul.

Camp wouldn’t be Camp without classic Summer Camp songs to sing along to! The worship through music at each chapel session is sure to get kids jumping around, practicing some actions, and learning biblical truths through song.

MOMS LOVE IT. Supervised. Clean. Fun!

It’s a big deal to send your child away to Camp, and we want to make the process as fun and stress-free as we can! We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment that allows parents to rest easy while their kids enjoy their time at Camp. While your child is away, you can follow the story of their week on our daily Summer Camp Blog, and check out daily uploads of photos on our Facebook page! Check out the Parent Information section of our website for more ways to prepare for your camper’s week at Camp Lebanon.

These are only 10 of the reasons that kids love Camp! We are sure there are so many more. If you have a story of how Camp Lebanon has impacted your life, please share with us!

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