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Junior High 1 – Tuesday Tacos and Tie-Dye!

It’s Day Three of Junior High 1, and we have so much to look forward to today!  Zipline opens for the first time, campers who signed up for Tie-Dye shirts get to make them today, and tonight it is the epic Volleyball Tournament!  Every cabin today is preparing for the big game, whether by practicing their volleyball skills, or creating their “team uniform” together.

First, let’s recap last night.  After a fun round of the big game, Clue, campers had some chill Canteen time leading up to a Chapel session with our speaker, Mark Allen.  The focus last night was on Creation and Identity.  Mark talked about the Creation story in Genesis 1.  He wanted campers to take away two points:  1) God makes good things, and 2) God made you.  Campers were encouraged to see themselves the way that God sees them, as precious – as the “crown jewel” of His Awesome Creation!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read through Genesis 1, and Psalm 139 with your camper.  Take note of all the times that God says that His creation is “good.”  Ask your camper about what they learned about who God says they are and what their identity is.

It’s a beautiful day at Camp today, and campers were full of energy and ready to go this morning.  There was another solid turn-out at the morning Polar Dip, and campers had a delicious breakfast!  Then it was time for TAG Time (“Time Alone with God”), a chance for campers to do a devotional on their own, sitting somewhere outside at Camp.  It’s a great way to enjoy God’s Creation, get the day started off in Scripture, and to learn to have a daily quiet time.  The hope is that this quiet time would continue on throughout the year!



Then it was time for Morning Chapel, followed by Morning Free Time and Cabin Time.  Lunch today was Tacos in a Boat (hurray, Taco Tuesday!).  Then campers had another visit from our summer-long characters at Mail Call, seeing more of the story before getting today’s mail.



Clinics & Seminars was next, with a different set of topics and classes to go to today!  Ultimately, specific seminars and clinics are led twice a week, which gives campers opportunities to go to all of the ones that they are most interested in.



Then, it was Free Time!  Today, in addition to the usual fun of swimming, crafting, and generally hanging out and having a good time, Zipline was open!  Campers are signed up in cabin slots, so they get to go as a cabin group down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline.



It was also a great day for Tie-Dye!  We can’t wait to see the beautiful creations that campers made this year.



TAKE CAMP HOME:  Did your camper make a Tie-Dye shirt during their week at Camp?  Share a photo of the shirt on social media and tag us!  We would love to see how it turned out!  Use the hashtag #CLTieDye to help us find your photo.

Then it was time for a delicious dinner of brats, veggies, chips, and potato salad before the trek up to the North 40 Field for the Volleyball Tournament!  Campers and their counselors got to use face paint and whatever else they would like to create a team uniform.  Then it was time to face off against other cabins!  The Volleyball Tournament is always an incredible night for cabin bonding and unity, and usually sets the tone for the rest of the week!  It gives campers the chance to work together with their cabin group and connect with their counselor.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  What was the Volleyball Tournament like for your camper?  How far did they make it in the tournament?  Did their cabin do anything special for their team uniform and cheer?

Tuesdays are a big day at Junior High summer camp!  These campers have had a busy day, but there are so many more days to come.  The only thing left tonight is Chapel, and then bed time.  Stay tuned for a recap of chapel in tomorrow’s blog post!  Until then, goodnight from Junior High 1!

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