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Junior High 2 – Day One

It’s the first day of our second Junior High week!  Campers started arriving for 4 o’clock check-in and immediately headed down to the waterfront to take their Swimming Test, or went to enjoy some of the warm, sunny weather out on the Hub.  Campers played Octoball, 9-square, or just hung out together in the shade up until the first bell for Dinner Line-Up!


Campers go to meet the staff that will be hanging out with them this week before heading down to the Dining Hall to pick up their picnic dinner of sub sandwiches, chips, veggies, and a brownie.  Campers spread out all around camp with their cabin groups to spend some time eating together and getting to know each other.

After dinner, campers headed in to find out some of the rules of the week and to go on a tour of camp with their counselor and cabin groups.  This is a chance for counselors to answer questions about Camp, show campers some of the important places around Camp, and to explain things like how the Canteen and Swimming Buddy System work!


Then it was time for CHAPEL!  Our speaker this week is Joe Budish, a youth pastor from Iowa.  Joe used to be a summer staff member at Camp Lebanon, and it is so great to have him back in a speaking role.  We’ll recap tonight’s chapel in tomorrow’s blog post!


After chapel tonight, campers are going to play a Big Camp Game!  We can’t wait to play this game with campers, and to encourage them to immediately work together as a team.  It’s going to be a fun night, and tomorrow is on its way with a schedule packed full of the Funnest Junior High Fun!

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Junior High 2 – Facebook Photo Album

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