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Junior High 2 – Day Two

A recap from Day 2 of Junior High 2!

In our chapel session last night, we got to meet our speaker for the week, Joe Budish.  Joe started the night off by telling campers some reasons why God want them to be at Camp this week.  It’s an opportunity for them to take a break from technology and other pressures of real life, a chance to seek advice, and a chance to hear from God.  He challenged campers to remember “God wants me here this week” (Job 42:2; Eph 1:11; Isaiah 46:9-10), and to pray “God, please work in my life at Camp this week.”

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you about their week at Camp.  Read the Scriptures above.  In what ways could they tell that God wanted them to be there this week?

This morning, campers started the day off with a delicious breakfast, some morning TAG time (Time Alone with God), and the big group picture!  Here’s one of the goofy shots of these 205 Junior High campers:


Then it was time for Morning Chapel.  Guys and girls are split during these morning session.  After chapel, we had some morning Free Time and Cabin Time, where campers got to hang out playing games on the Hub, or just enjoying some time with their fellow campers and their counselor before lunch!

At lunch line-up, campers enjoyed a skit, followed by an “Amphitheatric” where some counselors had to complete a messy challenge (finding pieces of bubble gum on a plate of whipped cream and trying to blow a bubble, all without using their hands).  Lunch today was chicken strips, mac & cheese, and salad, with fruit for dessert.

Then it was time for Mail Call – we met the characters from the week and watched a funny skit before the mail was passed out to campers.  Then it was time to be dismissed for Clinics & Seminars.  Every day, campers will have the chance to choose a different Seminar or Clinic where they can learn something new.  These sessions repeat throughout the week, so they will have several opportunities to pick one that they enjoy!  Some of today’s options were “Christians in Sports,” “Spiritual Gifts,” “Fear and Doubt,” “ASL,” & “Improv,” to name a few!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about Clinics & Seminars time.  What were the 4 different sessions they chose to attend?  What was their favorite one, and why?  Can they teach you anything that they learned?  Are there any topics that they need to dig into more – what steps can they take to learn more, and can you learn more together?

Then it was time for Free Time!  The Canteen and Craft Room opened up, campers who had signed up for Zipline and Laser Tag hiked up the hill, and pretty much everyone else went to jump into the lake!  It was a very warm, sunny day and campers had a blast on the Rock-It, the watermats, and the Raft!

Dinner was spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and cheesecake cups!  After dinner, campers went in for “chapel,” but were surprised by a game called Clue.  The game is very similar to the board game, with summer staff dressing up as different characters scattered around Camp.  Cabin groups have to try to solve the mystery first by asking the right questions.

Then it was time for some Free Time & Canteen before the real Chapel time.  It’s been a really full, really fun day so far and we can’t wait for all that is in store tomorrow!

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Junior High 2 – Facebook Photo Album

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