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Super Kids 4 – Day Four

In last night’s chapel, Bobber Bill visited to tell us more about The Creator’s Book!  We learned about the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!), like how many books it has, how chapters and verses work, and how it is a Love Letter from God to us: a rescue plan to save His lost people!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read 2 Timothy 3:16.  Practice finding some verses with your camper – start with John 3:16 (or any of the other verses campers memorized this week)!  Ask your camper what the message of the Bible is – what is God’s rescue plan?  How is the Bible a love letter to His Creation?

The last full day of Super Kids 4 began with beautiful, cool weather and partly-cloudy skies.  Campers woke up, cleaned their cabins, went to Polar Dip (brrr!) and headed down for Flag Raising and breakfast.  We had French Toast sticks, sausage, and fruit for breakfast today!

Then it was time for Morning Chapel.  This morning, Rich Olson, Camp Lebanon’s Director of Youth & Family, gave campers a mission – to go out into nature and find cool things with their cabin!  It was a time for campers and their counselors to go exploring and see what kinds of fun things they could discover in God’s Creation!

After Chapel, it was time for morning Options & Cabin Adventure.  For Options, campers could pick from different activities throughout Camp to do.  Then, for Cabin Adventure, counselors were in charge of leading their cabin in a fun group activity.

Then it was time for lunch line-up and lunch!  Today’s meal was ham & cheese sandwiches, tater tots, salad, and tapioca pudding and fruit for dessert.  When lunch was over, it was time for another skit!  Then campers went to their cabins to get their mail and have some rest time (Toes-Up Time).

After Toes-Up, Free Time began!  The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and gave us a beautiful sunny afternoon for swimming, ziplining, laser tagging, and crafting!  Not to mention canteen treating, carpetballing, octoballing, and 4-squaring!  Our summer staff has seen these campers just having the most joyful laughter all week, going all out and having the most fun they can.  It’s been a great finale to the summer, and we are sad to see summer youth camps coming to a close.

After Free Time, we lined up for Flag Lowering and dinner.  The last night is always PIZZA night, so we all had a pizza party in the Dining Hall.  Then it was time for our last Chapel with Darla.  Tonight, Darla talked about how our Creator is still creating!  He is continuing to hold the universe together, creating new life and making new Christians!  Not only that, but He is getting heaven ready for us.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Darla told campers that we can have 3 things because of Jesus – can your camper remember what they are?  (Peace, Help, and Hope).  God is preparing a place for us!  Take some time to imagine with your camper about what heaven might be like.  What are some things that make us say “wow” that might be even more awesome when we get to heaven?

After Chapel, we had some extended Free Time/Canteen Time to fit in some extra zipline and laser tag sessions.  Then it was time to get ready for the Campfire Trek!  Campers and counselors will head out to Bass Point for our end-of-week Campfire, where we’ll sing some silly campfire songs, play Gorilla Gets the Man, and maybe even go on a Lion Hunt.

Tomorrow, parents arrive to pick up campers.  It’s hard to believe that our youth camp season is coming to and end – we’ve had an incredible summer!  Tomorrow, we’ll show a video recap of the week, give out prizes, and send these wonderful Super Kids off!

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