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Last Call For Rental Manager Applications

Camp is seeking to hire a full-time Rental Manager. Applications are due by March 7th.

Camp Lebanon is looking for a friendly, organized, self-starting, servant-hearted leader to coordinate all aspects of Camps ministries to guest rental groups. 

What do you mean by Guest Rental Groups?

By saying “Rental Groups”, we are talking about groups of people who rent Camp’s facilities to put on their own retreat.  Church retreats (families, men, women, youth), family reunions, sports team retreats, and business planning retreats are just a few examples of different rental groups.  Hosting rental groups at Camp is different than holding one of Camp’s planned programs in that the Group provides the speaker, music team, plans the schedule, handles registrations, etc… For guests of rental groups, Camp is just as much their home as it is for guests of Camp Lebanon planned programs. The impact is just as great, too!

What does the Rental Manager do?

In a nutshell, from contracting to hosting onsite, the Rental Manager manages all aspects of the rental group process to fulfill Camp’s mission in providing a ‘Meeting Place with God to help the Church do the work of Christ.” Responsibilities include outreach to prospective groups, relationship building with current groups, contracting retreats, working with group leaders on retreat logistics, coordinating details with Camp’s program and ops teams, hiring summer activity staff, and hosting guests onsite.

What is the best part of the role?

If you ask Monte, he would tell you his favorite part of this role is partnering with group leaders to help them advance the Kingdom of God through their retreat! He would also say the best part is when you actually get to host them onsite, after months of planning.

"Group Leaders understand the impact a retreat at Camp can have in the lives of their people. As Rental Manager, you have the unique opportunity to dream with them, help make their vision happen, encourage & pour into them, and make the logistical side of planning as smooth as possible so they can focus on relationships."

Applications are Due ASAP!

Applications are due by Sunday night, March 7th. Please send your resume and cover letter to Bill Abeler at  Position details are outlined in the job description below.

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