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Summer Staff Training Part One

Camp is bursting with anticipation as we prepare to welcome campers this summer.  The staff has arrived and they have completed the first of two training weeks.

They dove into safety procedures, learned how to lead programs so everyone has fun and planned ways to be intentional, seeing each camper individually.

Staff attend sessions each day and have had opportunities to share their testimonies.  It has been an encouragement to hear how God has moved in each person’s life.

On Wednesday, staff walked through different emergency plans and took a pop quiz with Bobber Bill.  We learned about some of Camp’s history and fun facts about God’s creation.  Did you know Cedar Lake has 31 species of fish?

As he was closing, Bobber Bill  reminding staff that “one” is the most important number at Camp Lebanon.  God is number one, He is first in everything we seek to say and do.

Thursday the staff spent time diving into conflict resolution.  In this broken world, there is conflict that arises between individuals.  It is important to know how to address it from a place of love and biblical truth, allowing unity to be restored and the community to continue growing.  

In the evening, the staff went to the Abeler’s house for an evening of fun, fellowship, and a commissioning from Bobber Bill.

On Friday, the staff got one of their first tastes of the flexibility that comes with summer planning.  After a day of sessions, an outdoor game and chapel session were scheduled next.  However, the high temperatures caused a quick change of plans, allowing staff to take a quick dip in the lake during the hottest part of the day.  God had other plans for the afternoon as two staff members spontaneously said yes to baptism.  Praise God!

Saturday opened with daily one-on-one time with God for staffers and quickly heated up as leaders learned how to operate the zipline.  A mock rescue helped prepare them for any incident that may arise.

With a hot afternoon on the weekend, rest time was in store with a few hours to enjoy friends and be outside in nature.

Summer staff is looking forward to completing their training and are excited to welcome the first campers in just one week!

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