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Junior High 1 – Day 1

Our first week of Junior High Campers have arrived!  Not even the rain could hold back smiles as campers moved into their cabins, excited for what the week will hold.

After meeting their counselor and cabin mates, campers had a chance to hang out with friends and explore camp.  Many jumped into a fast paced round of Octaball while a few fearless souls gained passage to deeper waters by passing the swim test.  Then it was time for Who’s Who in the Tent where campers got to meet all the staff!

Next up was a delicious dinner (hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and veggies – oh, and ice cream!). Cabins had a chance to chat together before heading to the tent to hear rules for having The Funnest Fun! 

Our speaker for the week, Katie Zintek, introduced God as the Mighty Savior this week.  God has saved, is saving and will continue to save.  We see Him working through all time from Genesis through Revelation.  He works through unlikely people to accomplish his work. This week, we are going to look at how He has worked through a people group and three different individuals in the Bible over the course of history to accomplish His will.

Campers have some free time after chapel to enjoy the evening.  The clouds parted just as the sun was setting revealing a beautiful sunset over Turtle Bay.  God’s creation is so amazing!!

It’s not time for bed just yet, campers are playing one last game, Free the Hostage.  It is similar to capture the flag but campers are freeing a person rather than a flag.

It has been a fun first evening!  We are excited for a full day tomorrow!!


This evening Katie talked about God as our Mighty Savior. 

Ask your camper to show you their Mighty Savior pose and how it relates to Avengers Endgame!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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