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Super Kids 3 – Day 1

Campers arrived today for Super Kids 3!  We are so excited to spend the next week with them!  They came with fishing poles, swim suits and lots of anticipation for the best week of the summer!  After checking in at their cabins, campers had an opportunity to visit the water front and take their swim test.  There was free time to explore Camp and meet friends before gathering for the next event.

Everyone met at The Steps of Faith to meet the staff and Lower the Flag.  Cabins were dismissed for dinner where they grabbed a picnic meal and found a spot around Camp to enjoy sloppy joes, chips, veggies and cookies.

After dinner, everyone headed to the Tent to learn the Top 10 Rules for having The Funnest Fun at Camp.  We sang the Hippo Song before hearing from our fishing grandparents this week about proper fishing practice.  From the interest tonight, it looks like the fish won’t go hungry this week!

At Chapel this evening we met our speaker for the week, Shane Hollenbeck.  He taught campers John 3:16 before looking at Zaccheus.  We saw how no one, not even the worst sinner, is out of reach of God’s love.


Shane taught actions along with the memory verse.  Ask your camper to share John 3:16 with you and teach you the actions!

The evening held free time before the Staff Variety Show!  There were were lots of laughs and cheers as campers were thrilled by the different skits.  Ask your camper about their favorite!

We are looking forward to a wonderful week with these campers!  Please be praying that they would see the depth of God’s love for them!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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