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Junior High 3 – Day 6

Today was the Closing Rally for Junior High 3!  It was so fun to celebrate an amazing week of summer camp with these Junior Highers, and to send them off to enjoy the rest of their summer.  Parents arrived at 10am for the Closing Rally, and campers got to show off their verse actions and camp song actions, as well as receive prizes for things like Polar Dip, the week-long fishing contest, and Gorilla Gets the Man (a Rock, Paper, Scissors-like competition that they played during Chapel and at the Campfire on the last night).

Campers also memorized and recited verses all week long, for the chance to have their name pulled out of a bucket.  The winners of the drawing got to pie a staff member of their choice!  Staff also get to say verses and pie someone if they are picked!  Today’s pies had a nice combo of whipped cream and chocolate sauce, which made them especially messy.


Talk to your camper about their week.  It is really fun for them to share adventures and memories.  Our photo gallery is all updated (linked below).  Walk through the photos with your camper, and ask them about some of the fun times they had.  What are some memories they might like to write down?  Any photos they want to print out and save?  Take some time to celebrate an amazing week, and look forward to the rest of the summer and the upcoming school year – how has their week at Camp impacted how they want the rest of 2021 to go?

We had such an amazing time with these campers, and we were so sad to see them leave!  Praying that they have an incredible school year, and amazing rest of the summer.  Thank you, God, for a really great Junior High 3!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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