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Junior High 3, Day 1

Junior Highers have made it to Camp, and we can already tell that it’s going to be an awesome week! Upon arrival, campers could be found meeting their counselor, taking their swim test, and enjoying games in the Hub like sand volleyball, octoball, 4-square, and carpetball! 

Once all campers had arrived and settled in, it was time for “Who’s Who” at the Steps of Faith. First, all the non-counseling staff introduced themselves to the campers, then it was the counselors’ turn to do the same! Then it was time for flag lowering. Tonight, a group of staff showed the campers how to do it; for the remainder of the week, cabins can volunteer to do the honors! Next, was a picnic meal for dinner, where cabins get to spend some time outside getting to know each other! The meal of the night was burgers, veggies, chips, and ice cream!

Following the picnic dinner, campers and staff met under the big tent to go over the rules and guidelines for the Funnest Fun! After rules, and meeting our Fishing Grandparents for the week, it was time for Chapel! After an action song, “Hippopotamus”, it was time for campers to meet our speaker for the week, Nate Miller! Nate introduced himself to the campers, welcomed them to camp, and invited them to learn more about our Risen Lord with him this week!

Even with a little rain, the fun doesn’t stop! After Chapel, campers got to play a little game with their cabins, and then reconvened in the main hall for a surprise! The staff put on the variety show for the campers! After lots of laughs, it was time for bed. 


Ask your camper about the first night of Camp. What do they remember doing with their cabin? What was their favorite skit from the variety show? What are they most excited to learn about this week?

This cool yet beautiful Monday morning started with campers doing the Polar Dip! Then, we raised the flag, and headed down to the dining hall for breakfast! After breakfast, we have morning chapel, cabin time, and then some free time before it’s time for lunch! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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