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Gym Campaign Surges Past $2 Million!

At last count, over $400,000 was received for the gym in gifts and pledges between November 1 to December 31 pushing the total over $2,150,000! Thank you!

What does one say when the generosity of Camp’s friends exceeds all expectations? “Thank you!” seems a bit inadequate, but how about if it’s a REALLY LOUD one? Or, how about two of them! So, here goes! “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!” friends for being proof that God is actively on the move at Camp Lebanon! In every way the year-end response proved to be a “GYM-SIZED BLESSING!”

The original goal was to raise $250,000  to reach the $2 Million mark (80%) by year end. At last count, over $400,000 was received for the gym in gifts and pledges between November 1 to December 31 pushing the total well over $2,150,000! Now at 86.2% of the goal, Camp has less than $350,000 remaining to reach the $2.5M target. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!”

Since the campaign kickoff at Camp’s Annual Meeting in February 2022, over 630 different donor units (families, individuals, churches) have contributed, well beyond the goal of 500. The stories behind the gifts have been even more incredible, especially the $24,000 raised by summer youth campers!

GYM-pact Doubled!

In response to a simple invitation broadcast in early December, the $75,000 matching gift opportunity was fully met in just 18 days!  “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!” both to those who put up the initial match and to all who so enthusiastically gave. Truly amazing!

Completing the Campaign

Thanks to the incredible year-end blessing, Camp’s new goal is to be fully funded by June 1! The next steps will include holding “Gym Parties” (gatherings in people’s homes) and inviting churches and families to underwrite specific “fun stuff” (e.g. basketball goals, climbing wall, coffee equipment, scoreboards, sports equipment, chairs, tables, and more.) To learn how you can help, email Bill Abeler. To donate directly to the campaign, simply visit the gym webpage.

Update on Construction Plans

READY – Within the month, Camp’s Construction Managers (Kinghorn Construction, Rogers) will work up an updated and itemized bid sheet and construction timeline to guide a construction with a completion target date of December 1!

SET – Over the next number of months, many important decisions will be made on specific construction elements, aesthetics, infrastructure, equipment, and more. Prayers appreciated for Camp’s leadership!

GO –  When road load limits come off in late April, site work resumes (e.g. stump removal, soil mitigation, leveling) and the footings will be poured.  Soon after the pre-cast gym walls will be installed followed by construction of the commons using SIPS panels and trusses with the help of volunteers (skilled and unskilled). If you’re interested in getting on the Gym Volunteer List simply complete this quick online volunteer form.

Dreaming of Expanding The Impact!

As the Lord continues to pour out His favor on this project, pray with Camp’s staff and board that the gym will be fully funded before summer arrives.  Not only would this take pressure off the staff team in Camp’s busiest season, but it would also allow for Phase II (North 40 Lodge) visioning to begin!  While the gym (Phase I) fills a huge need in elevating the ministry impact to Camp’s current 12,000 year-round guests , it does not solve Camp’s bed shortage. Last summer, over 150 kids were turned away due to full sessions as were many families and friends hoping to attend Dads N Lads, Summer Family Camp, Women’s Retreat, and Quilt & Craft. What’s more, 96 rental groups reached out to Camp during 2022 but were not able to find open dates.

With generous and active friends like you. Camp Lebanon is blessed with a HUGE opportunity to shine an ever brighter light for the Gospel. Let’s go! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

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