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2023 Annual Meeting Report

Something awesome transpired at the 75th Annual Meeting of the Membership.
Celebrating a Thriving Camp Ministry!

Something awesome transpired at the 75th Annual Meeting of the Membership. A worship service broke out!  And how could it not considering the amazing reports shared, highlighting vision, youth and family, women’s events, facilities, and finances!  The numbers and stories tell the amazing story of God’s amazing work at this amazing place.

Sixteen of twenty member churches were represented, with 75 in attendance, including Board and staff.  Eagle’s Nest was full and upbeat, with Camp coming off a record year and gym construction just months away.  Many thanks to delegates and guests driving in from Albert Lea, Detroit Lakes, and many locations in between.  A special shout out to Camp’s dedicated Board, whose strong, visionary leadership grows stability and inspires progress.

The 2022 Story in Numbers

Attendance: 12,273 in 28,965 Camper Days 

Events: 63 programmed and 90 rental groups

Summer Youth: 1834 (9 sessions)

Gym Donations: $1,311,101 (Campaign total: $2.16M = 87%!)

Capital Projects: $247,307

Website Visitors: 54,636 (Target Field capacity 39,504)        

Operations Budget: $1,999,193

Lives Impacted: Only heaven knows!

2023 Highlights
  • It’s Gym Time! Construction begins in May!
  • Capital Projects Budget: $276,650
  • Operations Budget: $2,147,646
  • Summer Registrations: 1150 kids (70%) as of March 1
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